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Giancarlo/Ged (He/They)

Game Master
5 years
D&D 5e
GM Buddy:
About Me

Games: D&D 5e (for now! Let me know if anyone wants to play the Lancer TTRPG...)

Style: Comedy-Inclined Play, Player-Focused Narrative, Honor the Absurd, Flavor is Free, Rule of Cool, Let the Dice Tell The Story

Beginner Friendly: Unless specified, all my tables are intended for beginners.

Language: All my tables are run in English!

DM inspirations: Brennan Lee Mulligan (Dimension 20 & Worlds Beyond Number), Griffin McElroy (The Adventure Zone), Anthony Burch (Dungeons and Daddies), Dael Kingsmill (Monarch's Factory)

Tip from the DM: Bring a character that enjoys interacting with people or objects, and is a team player! After that, just focus on having fun -- I'll take care of the rules.

About My Games:
I relish acting and improvising as NPCs, and delight in exploring the sometimes absurd scenes that arise during gameplay! At my tables, I take on the task of enabling, encouraging, and elevating players' creativity. To me, players are fellow story tellers, shaping the story and how it will go! As a GM, my priorities are that players have fun and impact the story we are telling.

The games I run are generally short, low-stakes, and a little silly. That being said, player's actions and choices may reverberate beyond the adventure itself. Notable mentions of past instances are: the Defeat of Death, Eldritch World Domination, a young boy conquering the inevitable cycle of Time and Space, and a tearful father-daughter reconciliation via Time Travel, among others -- and most of these were by first-time players! So to all new players, please come by and take a seat!