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Privacy Policy

I want to allow you to understand what data is collected and why. This policy describes all information that is required from you, should you decide to use the site, why it is required, and what you can do to manage your own information.

What is collected?

When you register yourself on this site, you provide certain information. This information is collected and used exclusively to allow you proper usage of the site. Below you can find all the information that is asked for and stored, and why.

This is a name you chose that will be used to address you on the site and will be unique to you throughout the entire system.
Your e-mail is required so you can use it to recover your account in case you lost your password. Your e-mail will be visible for the game master of a table you register for and it can be used to contact you about cancelations or changes of registered tables. Other users won't be able to see your e-mail address (Unless you also use your e-mail as a username).
A password is used to secure your account from access by others. You should choose a good password, preferably long and easy to remember to keep your account safe. The password you choose will go through a process that makes it unreadable when stored, and will therefore never appear in a readable format in any of the systems.

What is my information used for?

Your information is used only to allow you to have an account on the website, and allow you basic recovering options.