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Richard (Mostly Harmless)

Game Master
11 years
D&D 5e
Goblin Heist (D&D 5e rules)
GM Buddy:
About Me

My motto is: "when the players have fun, the DM has fun". So I try to prepare adventures with the players in mind.

When DM-ing a game, I will take the rules as guidelines, and reward smart thinking and "the rule of cool".
(No looking up things in the rulebook. We decide what seems "realistic" and stick to that interpretation during the game.)

My tables are ALWAYS beginner friendly. Always.

I like to accompany the one-shots with lots of miniatures and elaborate scenery.
People tell me that my tables and one-shots are always a spectacle to look at.

Some other things:
* I've been playing RPG since the D&D third edition. But things really took of with the 5ifth edition and the start of the RPG evenings at GameForce.
* I am also into miniatures wargames. So I like to (re)use wargames miniatures and scenery. Got thousands of them.
* I even like to take a flat (horizontal) TV screen to Gameforce to project the maps upon.
* I also like the more niche type of RPG's, like dungeon world, EZD6, Honey Heist (but I don't DM them).