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CĂ©ryl Wiltink

Game Master
14 years
Dungeon World
Tiny Dungeon
D&D 5e
GM Buddy:
About Me

My GM motto is "Maximum fun, minimum rules"!

While I have played some RPG's and Magic: The Gathering in High School, when Pathfinder came out in 2009, I finally managed to get together some friends and GM'ed my first game. It went great and I was bitten by the Tabletop RPG bug.

After years of running Pathfinder campaigns and one-shots for friends and semi-stable groups, I started running D&D 5e sessions when it came out. One of my most proud achievement is a D&D 5e homebrew campaign that ran for about 2 years, every other thursday with some colleagues.

In the most recent years though, I have discovered more narrative-style games like Dungeon World, TinyD6 and EZD6. The epicness and fast-paces rules of these games make running a game of D&D feel like pouring thick syrup through a funnel! No more long calculations and static combat for me and my players, but cool scenes and powerful characters doing legendary stuff! I don't really like the confines of pre-made content so almost all sessions are created by myself.

So, with me, you will often get to explore some other systems besides D&D, and get to experience an action-packed game like you have not seen before!