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Game Master
12 years
D&D 5e
Monster of the Week
Honey Heist
Blood on the Clocktower
GM Buddy:
About Me

Salutations heroes and villains, it seems you have stumbled over the legendary scroll of "Sven's Game Master Bio".

"Game Master Sven, Heron of Heists, Bringer of Bears, Maker of Monsters, Buyer of Miniatures, One of the Bearded Ones and Member of the GameForce One Shots nights since the dawn of time.

They are mostly focused on roll play and tries to bring in everyone, even those who are less knowlegdable or confident in their abilities. Meet and talk to his often wacky NPC's, with a story they claims is build on a foundation of logic.
They run games on a weekly basis either open to all or custom games for their inner circle, known as campaigns.
Be part of the their adventurers guild in Waterdeep (DND 5e), the bear maffia (Honey Heist) and Monsterhunters in Eindhoven (Monster of the Week).

Come and fail your wisdom saving throw on one of their shennanigan spells!"