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Stefan Lenders

Game Master
10 years
D&D 5e
Blood on the Clocktower
Goblin Heist (D&D 5e rules)
GM Buddy:
About Me

I have been introduced to Dungeons and Dragons a long time ago. At that time I used to play Magic the Gathering in a Game Store just like GameForce. It was short and not really about roleplaying. More about the system mechanics. Years and years later I got more information about Dungeons and Dragons by watching Acquisition Incorporated. This really got me interested into playing the game myself. Eventually I ended up in playing 3 or 4 session with some friends as a player. But that didn't hold for long and I was left with watching games on YouTube again.

I saw the only way to get to play this game more often is to start as a Game Master or Dungeon Master as they call in for D&D. No experience, no one to teach me. Just a bunch of books and video's. This was with D&D 3.5e. I did a few games and a short campaign with friends. But that also didn't hold for long.

Eventually one of my friends tried again with D&D 5e and hosted a Curse of Strahd campaign. This sparked my interest again. And since that time I've been playing D&D or other TTRPGs almost weekly. Either as a player or a Game Master. Just before COVID19 happened I've taken a look at GameForce and since then I've never left.

I prefer more roleplay over combat.
I like a balance between wacky weird characters and serious characters.
I get a lot of my stories from DM's guild and pre-written campaign books.