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Sander / Savanc

Game Master
9 months
D&D 5e
GM Buddy:
About Me

I have played D&D for a little while now and like to explore the world of the other side of the DM screen.
One of the reasons to become a DM is to come up with enthralling stories with plot twists in atmospheric settings that draw you further into the story which I hope you all will enjoy. And because of that you will more likely see me run my own one-shots and campaigns than one from a book.

My DM style is likely going to be a combination of:
- Battle-heaviness will be low to medium;
- Medium risks (so neither boring or suicidal I hope) & medium rewards;
- Quite some mystery (without you feeling too much lost);
- A puzzle here and there;
- Expect a plot twist (though not having a plot twist can be a plot twist all on its own!)
- Rules are guidelines;
- Creative solutions are to be rewarded;
- Storytelling is a 2 way street; feel free te participate during the game;
- Last, but definitely not least, centered on everyone having fun!