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D&D / TTRPG One-Shots

14 December
D&D / TTRPG One-Shots
Start time:
19:30 (in 3 days, 6 hours)
D&D / TTRPG One-Shots
Visserstraat 18-A, 5612 BT Eindhoven
5 tables
D&D 5e
Ilse, Sven Oostendorp, Anna Kouwenberg, Wout van der velden, Stefan Lenders
Blood on the Clocktower

Blood on the Clocktower

22 December

How does it work?

How does it work?

Simply check out the game days for the upcoming activities. Game masters and story-tellers will advertise their table here. Read the descriptions, systems, any notes by the game master and pick a table you like!

Happy gaming!


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Message of the day

We have introduced a new feature of our reservation system. New D&D/TTRPG events will from now on be released on a set date. You can expect new reservations to become public on Thursdays at 19:00 a week prior to the event. This is only if we have enough tables. If this is not the case the event will become public as soon as we have enough Game Masters. So if you are always to late to create a reservation. This might help. As you now know when you can expect new reservations to pop-up.
Please also note. It would be very nice if you are really looking for a table but you don't find what you like. To just ask us in discord. That way we can always see if we can add or adjust something. Obviously we can't guarantee anything. But it might help us plan

29-07-2023 12:25