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D&D / TTRPG One-Shots

Thursday, 28 September 2023 @ 19:30

Location: Visserstraat 18-A, 5612 BT Eindhoven

Every Thursday evening we host a One-Shot event. One-Shots are D&D or other TTRPG adventures that are played in a single session.

Weekly we try to get 5 a 6 GM's to run a table in D&D or other TTRPG rulesets and at different playing levels. It really doesn't matter if you are a beginner or expert player. All people are welcome. Our tables run in dutch and/or english (as we have a big expat community in the region in and around Eindhoven.)

Entrance fee for playing is 3.50 euro + 1.50 euro for consumption credit.

Please check out our socials for more information about the D&D and TTRPG One-Shots

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dndgameforceeindhoven/

Discord: https://discord.gg/QxjjqWa7RH

Campaign: Wild Beyond the Witchlight #26

Stefan Lenders
Game Master
Game table
Game table

The traveling extravaganza known as the Witchlight Carnival visits your world once every eight years. You have a dim memory of sneaking into the carnival as a child without paying for a ticket. That memory has grown foggy over time, though it still conjures a weird admixture of emotions—wonder and awe mixed with loss and regret. During this childhood visit, your character lost something. You tried to find it, but the carnival owners—a pair of elves named Mister Witch and Mister Light—were decidedly unhelpful.

“Silly little screeching cricket,” said Witch. “You forgot to buy a ticket.”

“The carnival goes round and round,” said Light. “The multiverse is our playground. Nothing’s free and nothing’s lost. Every visit has its cost.”

As time passed, your heart became less heavy, and you gave less and less thought to those childhood events. Now, for reasons you can’t explain, the longing to retrieve that which you have lost has resurfaced, as though an old spell has faded away, allowing you to feel the loss as sharply as if it happened yesterday.

The Witchlight Carnival has returned, and you find yourself standing near a ticket booth by the entrance at twilight, just as the carnival is about to open. There you meet others who look as troubled as you. Without knowing how or why, you sense that each of them has lost something as well. Perhaps fate has brought you together.

This is a private table and can't be registered for. Please contact the Game Master if you like to know more.
System D&D 5e
Level 8
Registered Players 5 (Max 5 Players)

Chaos in the ballroom

Anna (She/Her)
Game Master
Game table
Game table

Invited to a luxurious ball, the party finds themselves meddling with some of the highest of society.

There's luxurious drinks, food and enternainers all over.

Just one thing was forgotten on the invitation, the party is "the help".

This table is beginner friendly.

  • All official content is allowed
  • No homebrew
  • No Unearth Arcana
  • For ability score use Standard Array or Point Buy
  • Custom Lineage / Races etc from Tasha's are allowed
    *For any and all questions feel free to shoot me a message on here or discord! (Username ligning#4792)
System D&D 5e
Level 3
Registered Players 5 (Max 5 Players)

Campaign #1 Dragonlance: shadow of the dragon queen

Game Master
Game table
Game table

the Dragonlance: shadow of the dragon queen campaign at gameforce eindhoven 

This is a private table and can't be registered for. Please contact the Game Master if you like to know more.
System D&D 5e
Level ?
Registered Players 6 (Max 6 Players)

Star Wars Whisper Base

Game Master
Game table
Game table

Between Episode III & IV

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The galactic Empire has risen.
Order 66 executed.
The machinations of war have turned to suppress the people.
And it's power is reaching ever further.

...but there are some that resist.

Small independant bands of insurectionists are forming.
Attempting to expose the true cruelty of the Empire.

You, are one of them.

Intel uncovered a small data relay station is used to spy on every individual in the sector.
Every call monitored.
Every opinion judged and archived.

It's up to you to infiltrate the base,
sabotage their communication abilities
and expose the horrors of the Empire.

This adventure features all species and ways of life from the Star Wars universe whose motives have aligned for this mission.
Premade characters are available,
if you're early you can make your own in a few minutes,
or contact me on the Gameforce discord for custom builds.

No preperations are necessary to play at this table

Beginners are welcome

This is a revamp of the previous august 24th Star Wars adventure.

System EZD6
Registered Players 5 (Max 5 Players)

Sentinel Comics: Jungle Beatdown

Game Master
Game table
Game table

A large island in the Arctic Circle, heated by an active
volcano and populated by prehistoric fauna and flora,
Insula Primalis is the site of many confrontations in the
Sentinel Comics. It is the former home of the Citizens
of the Sun—Citizen Dawn and her super-powered
followers left their base there long ago. Since OblivAeon,
the island has been more dangerous than ever, with trees
coming to life, and the land itself shifting. Though the
source of these changes is currently unknown…

Sentinel Comics is a comic book inspired roleplaying game. Whenever you take an action, you'll describe how it looks on the page, then you choose what Power and Quality you use, and let the dice decide what happens...

Character Sheets will be provided for Absolute Zero, Bunker, Legacy, Tachyon, Unity, and the Wraith

System Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game
Level N/A
Registered Players 1 (Max 5 Players)

Lost mine of phandelver + Dragon of Icespire Peak #8

Game Master
Game table
Game table


Phandalin is a mining town that has seen a lot of trouble in its past. History seems to repeat itself, since a lot of problems are (re-)emerging. You and your adventuring group, who were looking for new adventures and people to help, have decided that helping out Phandalin is the next step in your adventure. Perhaps you can figure out why all of a sudden Phandalin and the surrounding regions are getting such problems.


This campaign is the third session of the campaign which combines the two starter sets of Lost mines of phandelver + Dragon of Icespire Peak. So it is ideal for new and beginner players. More experienced players can join the table, but preferably only if there are no other seats at other tables.


For character creation: If you want me to create a character for you, then send me the race/class and a (small) background story and I will create a character based on that description. If you want to make your own character, use the rules below:

-All official content is allowed (including Tasha's).

-No homebrew allowed.

-For the stats you can use either point buy or the standard array.

- Besides the default standard gear, Your character can take either 1 (non-magical) adventuring gear (you can find a list of what you can pick from here: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/adventuring-gear#toc1 ), or 1x the material components of a spell which cost money, with them.


recap (spoilers):


After just barely escaping the Orc attack, the Rouge teamed up with Sildar and Daran + a new arrival. Together they managed to take down the remaining Orcs who took the rest of the adventure party as prisoners. Heading back to Phandelin, they encountered Blackstaff leading an attack on the town. After quickly desposing of him and the remaining troops, the adventuring party celebratd and regained their strength. Now they are heading to a lighthouse that got taking over, which cause ships containing magical items to shipwreck.

System D&D 5e
Level 3
Registered Players 6 (Max 6 Players)