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D&D / TTRPG One-Shots

Thursday, 1 June 2023 @ 19:30

Location: Visserstraat 18-A, 5612 BT Eindhoven

Every Thursday evening we host a One-Shot event. One-Shots are D&D or other TTRPG adventures that are played in a single session.

Weekly we try to get 5 a 6 GM's to run a table in D&D or other TTRPG rulesets and at different playing levels. It really doesn't matter if you are a beginner or expert player. All people are welcome. Our tables run in dutch and/or english (as we have a big expat community in the region in and around Eindhoven.)

Entrance fee for playing is 3.50 euro + 1.50 euro for consumption credit.

Please check out our socials for more information about the D&D and TTRPG One-Shots

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dndgameforceeindhoven/

Discord: https://discord.gg/QxjjqWa7RH

D&D 5e Introduction

Stefan Lenders
Game Master
Game table
Game table
Did you always want to try out D&D? But don't you know where you should start? Or would you rather not start at a table with experienced players? Than this is your chance.
This session is for 3 to 5 players with no to very little experience in playing Dungeons and Dragons. I'll will take a group of players on an adventure in a One-Shot (short story) from 19:30 to max 23:30 hour.


Than this is what you will need to do if you would like to join. Click the Join button! Than keep an eye on your email. As I will send you a PM or mail. Be aware first come first serve. There is an entrance fee of 5 euro (payed at entering). You will receive 1.50 back as consumption credit.
We will need at least 3 players. If we have less than 3 registrations I would have to cancel the session.
Until the day you will get the time to ask me questions if you have any. Until the day you will also have the time to create your own character if you want. I can help you to do so. The introduction session will be played at level 2. You don't have to make your own character. I can bring or supply a pregenerated character.


A dice set would be nice. If you don't have any yet. You can either borrow these from me or buy them at GameForce.
System D&D 5e
Level 2
Registered Players 5 (Max 5 Players)
Game table
Game table

Hello adventurer,

Welcome back in the guild of Lilypad. When you are enjoying your meal and talking about rumors for 1 of the quests on the questboard, 1 of the guild leaders walks to your table and introduces you to a new guildmember. Asking if you can show him the ropea here. And to take him on 1 of your party's rumors.

You will be tasked to come up with a rumor on the spot. And we wil play out 1 of the party's rumors this session. Further information will be given at the table for this. 

Quest is a 1D20 system so bring one.

The rules will be explained at the table and characters will also be made there.

PM me on discord for more questions. Discord name: Hopper

System Quest
Registered Players 3 (Max 5 Players)

The Ghost Kids search for Asmodeus' Dagger of Whispers

Miguel (he/him)
Game Master
Game table
Game table

A high elf, priest of Selune from the Order of the Watchers, is looking for a magical dagger that is believed that belonged to Asmodeus himself, before being forever banished to the Nine Hells. This dagger is underneath a web of tunnels that haven't been touched since before the Last War, probably thousands of years ago. The last weilder, a powerful mage queen, was trapped into a inscapable prison by the Order of the Watchers, called the Cage of the Many Screams. No one knows how or why, but there are signals that something is trying to enter the prison. You have been hired to retrieve the Dagger of Whispers before it falls into the wrong hands. Your payment are the riches that you can carry from there, but be very careful, dear adventurer, for this cave is dark and full of terrors. 

-For character creation you can use point buy, you start with 400gp, and you get to add a free feat!

-All official content is allowed, yet Unearth Arcana is not allowed. 

-Your character forms past of the Ghost Kids for over a year. Your character works well with his party and must have a strong motivation to be in the adventure.

-If you send me a +150 word backstory in which you show the motivation of the character and what do they care about, you get to pick an uncommon magic item to start. My Discord handle is

-If we can't end the story before 11:30, we will assume that your party had to retreat, making the mission a failure. Live to fight another day. 

-If you have used another character of the Ghost Kids, you can bring them back with all the gold and magic items that they have gathered so far.

System D&D 5e
Level 4
Registered Players 6 (Max 6 Players)

Tyranny of Dragons #11 hop on/off campaign

Game Master
Game table
Game table

Hello and welcome to tyranny of dragons hop on/off campaign. 
The story so far:

Your group of Harty adventurer’s is paving its way in the world. 
after saving the town Greenest from the cult: Dragon Claw, you where sed by Leosin to seek out what thee where hiding in their camp. in the cam you found a cave with the leftover members of the cult ass all the others seem to have pickup and left the camp. you push and sneak your way deeper in to the cave seeking what can be so important that thee would leave a general behind. With one final push you get to the deepest part and its hard to believe what you see, Three Black Dragon eggs. No clew what to do next you ask Leosin via the sending stone, what the best course of action is. he tells you to come find him in the City: Elturel, and he will introduce you to a man who may be able to help in this matter.


character creation rules

all official content allowed
no unearthed arcana 
point buy for stats
fixed hp
800 GP if you want to buy items at normal playerhand book value
Healing potions from normal to Supreme: 50>250>500>1000
1x Common magic item
1x Uncommon magic item
message me on discord (Bavalon) for a link to the dndbeyond campaign page for easy character creation.

System D&D 5e
Level 5
Registered Players 4 (Max 5 Players)

To Hell and back #4 Bardless Inspiration

Anna (She/Her)
Game Master
Game table
Game table

This is the continuation of a hop on hop off campaign. Characters will level up by milestone and non-plot related magic items will be character bound. If you have joined the campaign before and can't join for whatever reason, you can message me for a brief update after the session so your characters don't miss out!

  • All official content is allowed
  • No homebrew
  • No Unearth Arcana
  • For ability score use Standard Array or Point Buy
  • Custom Lineage / Races etc from Tasha's are allowed
    *For any and all questions feel free to shoot me a message on here or discord! (Username ligning#4792)
System D&D 5e
Level 3
Registered Players 5 (Max 5 Players)

Out of the Abyss Session session 3

Game Master
Game table
Game table

The last thing you remember is the poison taking its effect. You fall unconscious as the Drow drag you away. When you wake up, you are in a prison deep underground. It is not just your physical body that is imprisoned though, as you feel that you are slowly but surely going insane down here. You also hear about other prisoners being taken to Menzoberranzan. From the sounds of it, that place is somehow worse than here. With your mind still somewhat intact, it is up to you to find some way to escape from here.

Out of the Abyss is a D&D campaign set in the Underdark. A place deep below ground with a vast array of tunnels and caves. Some creatures call this place home, and have even build entire civilizations down here. The Drow (deep elves) are one of such creatures. Most of them are cruel, and see other creatures as either a threat, or as livestock/slaves. You start out as one of those slaves, captured by the Drow. Though even if you escape, you will still be in a part of the Underdark unfamiliar to you. The mere claustrophobia might be enough to drive you insane. This adventure will not just test you physically like fighting a Dragon would, you will also struggle to stay sane in an insane world.

Hence the tagline:

"Madness is the only escape"


Character creation:

This adventure will be run with the 5e ruleset, so don't use OneD&D.

- All races and classes (and backgrounds) are allowed. But unless you are very skilled, I would not recommend an artificer for this adventure.

- Playing a Myconid is allowed as well. Check the following link to see how to create it (also requires using homebrew options if you use a digital tool to create your character sheet):  https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LDJHDtETJ7Z916te-D6

- Since you start out captured, you have no equipment or coins other than commoners clothes (add this to your equipment list and remove the rest:  https://www.dndbeyond.com/equipment/clothes-common)

- You start at level 1

- For the background story of your character, determine how and why you got caught. Where you at the wrong place at the wrong time? Did you try to steal something from the Drow and they caught you? Did you try to explore the underdark for treasure but took a wrong turn?

- If you pick a race/background/class that makes your familiar with the underdark, then do note that it doesn't mean you know the entire underdark. The tunnel network is very vast, so a lvl 1 character wouldn't even come close to grasping even just a slight part of it.

Extra info:

To get more of a feeling of what the campaign is about, check out these links:

Historical underground cities. Number 1,2 and 7 give you an idea of the tunnel networks down below. Number 3 will give you an idea of the cities/civilizations in the Underdark:


And the lauch trailer, which will give you an idea of the kind of horrors that walk around (very deep) in the Underdark (which you want to avoid at low levels :)  )


This is a private table and can't be registered for. Please contact the Game Master if you like to know more.
System D&D 5e
Level 2
Registered Players 6 (Max 6 Players)

Homebrew Campaign - session 25

Game Master
Game table
Game table

The story continues.

This is a private table and can't be registered for. Please contact the Game Master if you like to know more.
System D&D 5e
Level 7
Registered Players 4 (Max 4 Players)