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D&D / TTRPG One-Shots

Thursday, 25 July 2024 @ 19:30

Location: Geldropseweg 83, 5611SE Eindhoven

Every Thursday evening we host a One-Shot event. One-Shots are D&D or other TTRPG adventures that are played in a single session.

Weekly we try to get 5 a 6 GM's to run a table in D&D or other TTRPG rulesets and at different playing levels. It really doesn't matter if you are a beginner or expert player. All people are welcome. Our tables run in dutch and/or english (as we have a big expat community in the region in and around Eindhoven.)

Entrance fee for playing is 3.50 euro + 1.50 euro for consumption credit.

Please check out our socials for more information about the D&D and TTRPG One-Shots

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dndgameforceeindhoven/

Discord: https://discord.gg/QxjjqWa7RH

Homebrew Campaign 2 - session 1

Game Master
Game table
Game table

The story begins.

This is a private table and can't be registered for. Please contact the Game Master if you like to know more.
System D&D 5e
Level 8
Registered Players 6 (Max 6 Players)

Scenario: Black Swan

Spip (any/all)
Game Master
Game table
Game table

"A secretive research facility has hired the PC's to bring and install blast shielding before a meteor storm can hit them. Little do they know, more than meteors are about to hit the facility."

Mothership is a horror space syste game, build around stress and investigation,
This will be a introductery session, newcomers and grizzeled space veterans welcome!
Mothership is an horror/investigation game using the works of Asimov, Aliens and H.P Lovecraft and other (Horror) authors as inspiration, this includes grim subjects and might therefore not suit everyones liking. 
That being said, I strive to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for everyone,


if you'd want more information or for further questions, feel free to message me on our discord: 

# Pipp 

System Mothership
Level -
Registered Players 2 (Max 4 Players)

Oops! All birds! / Skyfall

Sander / Savanc
Game Master
Game table
Game table


Skyfall is where we start

A thousand miles and poles apart

Where worlds collide and days are dark



You are all inhabitants of Starlight Perch.

For centuries this has been a safe avian sanctuary for any birdlike creature who want to live there in peace and far away from the rest of the world.

But lately the island, that has been floating in the air many miles above ground, is being dragged down towards the ground below. Slow at first, but increasingly faster and faster, on course to crash into earth.

Stop this skyfall and save your world from imminent destruction!



(don't) Let the sky fall

When it crumbles

We will stand tall

Face it all together

At skyfall



The following is applicable for character building:

  • Level 4.
  • You play an avian character (such as Aarakocra, Kenku, Owlin, something that can fly for hours and hours).
  • All official content is allowed.
  • No homebrew & no Unearth Arcana.
  • For ability scores use Standard Array or Point Buy. For HP use average.
  • Custom Lineage / Races etc. from Tasha's are allowed.
System D&D 5e
Level 4
Registered Players 3 (Max 5 Players)

Out of the Abyss #3

Game Master
Game table
Game table

Deep beneath the surface of the world lies the Underdark, a realm of endless labyrinthine tunnels and caverns where the sun never shines. The Underdark is filled with races and creatures too numerous to count or list, and foremost among these are the dark elves - the drow. Hated and feared even by their fellow dwellers in darkness, the drow raid other settlements in the Underdark as well as the surface world, taking prisoners back with them. Rendered unconscious with drow poison, then collared and shackled, these prisoners are eventually sold as slaves or entertainment in the dark elves subterranean cities.

This is the closed campaign for Out of the Abyss.

This is a private table and can't be registered for. Please contact the Game Master if you like to know more.
System D&D 5e
Level 2
Registered Players 5 (Max 5 Players)

Icewind Dale Campaign #8

Game Master
Game table
Game table

Who knows what will happen in the cold and scary place of Icewind Dale?

This is a private table and can't be registered for. Please contact the Game Master if you like to know more.
System D&D 5e
Level 2
Registered Players 5 (Max 5 Players)
Game table
Game table

“Greetings, operatives. The Golden Vault has learned that an efreeti named Vrakir has the Book of Vile Darkness. We need you to steal this evil artifact so we can destroy it. This quest, should you choose to undertake it, requires you to infiltrate the fortress of Brimstone Hold, where the book is kept.

“We obtained a map of the fortress from an informant of ours, an arcanaloth named Nebukath, who works in Brimstone Hold. Nebukath is willing to provide further assistance, but we suspect the arcanaloth has reasons of their own to acquire the book, so be on your guard!

“Nebukath is unsure how long Vrakir plans to keep the book in the fortress, meaning time is of the essence. Good luck, operatives.”

Character creation rules:

  • All official content is allowed
  • No Unearth Arcana
  • For ability score use Standard Array, Point Buy OR my own customized relaxed Point Buy Calculator (https://burnacid.github.io/D-DStatsCalculator/)
  • For HP use average
  • Addition to your standard starting equipment
    • 2 uncommon magic items
    • 1 rare magic items
    • no stats editing equipment like Belt of Giant Strength to fix dump stats
    • 1000 GP of gold to buy non-magic items (no Potion of Healing)
    • 1 greater potion of healing
System D&D 5e
Level 11
Registered Players 5 (Max 5 Players)